A summary of recommended frozen foods available on Amazon for those who live alone and have trouble eating.

Many of you reading this article probably live alone! When you live alone, it can be difficult to eat every day. I don't feel like cooking when I come home from work and am tired. But eating out costs nearly 1,000 yen, so...

Introducing BenQ's monitor light, which is useful when you feel that the screen on your desk monitor or your hand is dark!

Have you ever felt that when you are playing a game or working on a computer, your hands feel dark as you touch the monitor screen or keyboard? If the brightness is not right, problems may occur such as the screen being difficult to see, the characters on the keyboard being difficult to read, and eyestrain.

Compare the weight and other details of the two gaming mice "G703h" and "BASILISK X HYPERSPEED"!

Have you used Logitech and Razer gaming mice? These two manufacturers are very famous in Japan, and I think many people use devices from these manufacturers. In this article, we will introduce Logitech's "G703h" and Razer's "...

Compare the size and weight of Logitech's "G703h" and "G PRO" two popular gaming mice!

We've compiled information about the size, weight, battery life, and other features of the Logitech G703h and G PRO to make it easier to compare.

JAPANNEXT releases the 23.8-inch gaming monitor "JN-238IPS165FHDR-PK" recommended for those who like pink devices!

PC-related devices such as mice and keyboards come in a variety of colors, but monitors have fewer color variations. A pink gaming monitor "JN-238IPS165FHDR-PK", which is rare among such monitors, will be released by JA...

Goods from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba “Swordsmith’s Village” are now available at Ichiban Kuji! The A prize is a figure of Kanroji, and the B prize is a figure of Hakuten!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ``Swordsmith's Village Edition'' goods, which became very popular after being made into an anime, have now been released, so in this article, we will briefly introduce the lineup. However, we are unable to post many images, so if you would like to see product images or more detailed information, please visit the page...

GIGABYTE has released a gaming monitor with integrated arm that supports 4K resolution! The maximum refresh rate is 144Hz!

Various gaming monitors have appeared in recent years, and some have a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz, and some support high resolution 4K. Under such circumstances, "GIGABYTE..." is a gaming monitor compatible with 4K resolution with an integrated monitor arm.

Introducing the wireless earphones “NeoBuds Pro” which also won “VGP 2022”! You can also change the equalizer with the app!

This article summarizes the wireless earphones called NeoBuds Pro sold by the manufacturer EDIFIER. NeoBuds Pro has won the VGP2022 award for excellent audio equipment. For earphones...

Finalmouse's "UltralightX" is the lightest gaming mouse in the world at just 31g! Available in three sizes: S, M, and L, with a polling rate of 8000Hz!

The UltralightX is extremely light, weighing in at 31g for the S size, 35g for the M size, and 37g for the L size! If you're looking for a lightweight gaming mouse, I highly recommend it!