It might be a good idea to carry it with your Switch because it comes with a stand! Compare ASUS mobile gaming monitors!

A summary of ASUS's portable gaming monitors. You can use it on the go! You can also use it as a sub monitor at home! This is a good product. It also comes with a carrying bag! ?

Compare the sizes of Logitech gaming mouse pads! There is also pink!

We are comparing Logitech gaming mouse pads in terms of size, thickness, surface material, etc. We have made it into a table for easy viewing, so please check it out!

Explaining how to adjust the sensitivity (DPI) of Logitech's gaming mouse with images!

We have summarized how to change the DPI of Logitech gaming mouse. We also briefly summarize how to change the DPI to your desired value using an application called "G HUB". You can set the DPI that suits you!

Compare the size, weight, etc. of Logitech gaming mice (with graphs)!

Comparing Logitech gaming mice in terms of size, weight, DPI, etc. Some have a large number of buttons, some have ultra-low latency wireless communication, and more! If you are considering purchasing a Logitech mouse, please use this as a reference.
Nintendo Switch

Summary of HORI controllers that can be used with Switch! Also supports mobile mode and gyro function!

We are introducing controllers that can be used with the Switch from HORI, which has many products that are licensed by Nintendo. Things that can be used in mobile mode, things that have a gyro function, etc!
Nintendo Switch

Introducing 5 peripherals and accessories for Nintendo Switch!

In this article, we will introduce five peripherals and accessories for Nintendo Switch. These are peripherals and accessories that can be used to improve the playing environment, and can be used when you want to carry them around. Slim hard pouch (Nintendo licensed product) Switch is a home...
PC peripherals

Sanwa Supply's electric air duster is recommended because it has two levels of air volume adjustment! But it might be a little noisy...

Introducing an electric air duster that is useful for cleaning computer keyboards, etc. No ventilation required as no gas is used! Easy to store! There is no waste after using it, and you don't have to buy it again and again!
Product review

Review of MARO17 shampoo for men! It doesn't leave any oil or wax on your scalp or hair, but it might be a little squeaky...

Thank you for reading this article. In this article, I will introduce MARO17, a men's shampoo that I have been using for several months. There are several types of MARO17, but the one I use is ``Collagen-containing shampoo''.

We recommend this stand for mobile monitors that supports up to 15.8 inches and can be adjusted in height!

We are introducing stands for mobile monitors. It's easy to install because you just need to put it on your desk, and you don't have to worry about damaging your desk. Compatible with up to 15.8 inches.

Introducing the size and compatible mice of the POWERPLAY mouse pad that can wirelessly charge Logitech mice!

A summary of mouse pads that can wirelessly charge Logitech mice. You no longer need to worry about the remaining battery power when using your mouse. There is no need to connect a cable to the mouse itself, so it can be used completely wirelessly.