Introducing WQHD's 240Hz gaming monitor JN-27IPS240WQHDR-HSP!

JAPANNXET has released a gaming monitor with WQHD resolution and 240Hz refresh rate. Therefore, we would like to introduce JAPANNEXT's new product "JN-27IPS240WQHDR-HSP". This gaming monitor...

Pixio's gaming monitor "PX248 WAVE" is 200Hz, making it comfortable for gaming and work! It also comes in white, light blue, and pink!

If you want to enjoy both gaming and work comfortably, we recommend the inexpensive and high-performance Pixio PX248 WAVE. With the following features, it is easy to use for both gaming and business. With a 200Hz refresh rate, the game image is smooth...
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Thorough explanation of RGB mirror gaming desk! Toward a shining and perfect gaming environment

In this article, we will explain the RGB mirror gaming desk released by Sanko, whose left and right legs light up with LEDs. Its attractive features include: RGB illumination that colors the gaming environment, customizable LEDs on the legs, cable storage and USB ports...

Explaining the prestige of COD:MW3! This work requires no reset!

If you have played any COD series, you probably know that COD has a system called prestige. This article explains COD:MW3's Prestige. For those who don't know much about Prestige or those who don't know much about Prestige...

COD:MW3 tactical stance method and summary of settings to check when you can't do it

Explaining how to use the tactical stance in COD:MW3! Recommended for those who want to unlock camouflage but don't know how to use the tactical stance!

Introducing how to make sliding appear without delay in COD:MW3! Even advanced users should check it out!

This article introduces ways to reduce the delay when sliding for those playing COD:MW3. It's very easy and just by changing the settings a little, the time from pressing the button to the sliding effect will be shorter than the default setting. Around that...

STREAK80 LP WHITE US is now on sale, recommended for Apex players who like Fnatic! A keyboard tested by professional gamers!

In recent gaming scenes, high-performance keyboards are increasingly in demand. STREAK80 LP WHITE US is the ultimate thin gaming keyboard developed to meet the needs of gamers. In this article, STREAK80 L...

Explaining how to create a dual weapon custom in COD:MW3! Easy to obtain!

This article summarizes how to issue dual (two-gun) specific submachine guns and handguns in COD:MW3. The release and release method is very simple, and you can take a little time to release it, or you can release it as a priority. Everyone's favorite...

Experience it with XL2546X! Amazing visual beauty and speed with 240Hz refresh rate

BenQ, which is very popular in Japan, will release the gaming monitor "XL2546X" that can produce a 240Hz refresh rate on February 9, 2024. This article summarizes the XL2546X, which has the following features. Surprisingly smooth images...

Explaining why you can't hear footsteps in COD:MW3! This game might not need an equalizer! ?

Most people probably feel that they can't hear footsteps when playing COD:MW3. In this article, we will explain why you can't hear enemy footsteps in MW3. Anyone can mute footsteps for a very simple reason. I just started playing MW3 and don't know much about the footsteps in this game...