Introducing the gaming mouse "Xlite V3 eS" from Pulsar that allows you to check the remaining battery power without starting the software!

This article summarizes Pulsar's gaming mouse "Xlite V3 eS" released in December 2023. "Xlite V3 eS" has a polling rate of 4000Hz wirelessly and 8000Hz wired...

Introducing a new gaming mouse from Prime that supports 8000Hz polling rate!

This is an introduction to a mouse from Ninjutso that can output a polling rate of up to 4000Hz. The main body color is also pink, so it is recommended for women!

The Akecon “FIGHTING STICK MINI” to be released by HORI in January 2024 is compact and recommended!

This article summarizes the compact arcade controller "FIGHTING STICK MINI for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Windows PC" to be released by HORI in January 2024. ...

A collaboration model with Tekken 8 is now available in the pad-type controller "Fighting Commander OCTA" for fighting gamers!

This article summarizes the Tekken collaboration model of the Fighting Commander OCTA, a pad-type controller for fighting games. Fighting gamers should check it out!

``Higround Performance Base 65 Keyboard BLACKICE'', a gaming keyboard with an unusual design that allows setting of 0.1mm actuation points, is now on sale!

At the end of November 2023, “Higround Performance Base 65 Keyboard” was released at “Fumoffu no Omise”. A game with an unusual design that supports 0.1mm actuation points and rapid triggers.