Introducing REALFORCE GX1 KEYBOARD whose actuation point changes automatically!

This article introduces the REALFORCEGX1KEYBOARD, a gaming keyboard developed by a manufacturer called Topre. REALFORCE is a keyboard developed by a company called Topre, which is a company that makes parts for cars and air conditioning equipment.

Introducing the Aria XD7, a small and lightweight egg-shaped wireless gaming mouse! Pink and beige are also recommended for women!

There are various types of mice, but in this article we will introduce a gaming mouse called Aria XD7. It is small in size and comes in pink and beige colors, making it a gaming mouse that is also recommended for women. Purchase here → Amazon...

[Released in May 2023] ASUS monitor MB249C has a kickstand even though it is 23.8 inches! An arm is also included!

What kind of monitors have you used in the past? ASUS sells a variety of monitors, but a new monitor was released in May 2023. That monitor is called MB249C, and despite its size being 23.8 inches...

Explaining the points to consider when choosing a gaming mouse! The games you play are also important!

In this article, we explain the important points to consider when choosing a gaming mouse. There are several points to consider when choosing a gaming mouse, such as the weight of the mouse, the number of buttons, and the polling rate. The genre of the game you play may also be a factor...

A charging dog is included! MSI wireless gaming mouse summary!

This article focuses on wireless gaming mice from MSI and summarizes their features. It comes with a charging dog and is unique in that it can be easily charged! What is MSI? MSI is a PC peripheral equipment manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan. PC body and monitor...

[Released in May 2023] Razer's latest gaming mouse Basilisk V3 X Hyperspeed runs on AA batteries and has a long life!

This article summarizes Basilisk V3 X Hyperspeed, a wireless gaming mouse released on May 26, 2023. We will explain in detail the features such as the large number of buttons, long-time operation on AA batteries, and low-latency wireless connectivity.

Are the number of earphone users increasing these days? Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of earphones and headsets

Do you use earphones or a headset when listening to music or playing games? In this article, we will explain the benefits of each for those who have only used earphones or headsets, or those who want to buy new ones but are not sure which one to buy.

Introducing Logitech's wired gaming earphones G333 that can be purchased for less than 10,000 yen! If you use it on your smartphone, you can also adjust the volume! I can't mute the microphone...

Do you know Logitech, a popular manufacturer of PC peripherals? The popular manufacturer Logitech sells wired gaming earphones. I want cheaper earphones, but I don't know which ones are better, so I buy ones with poor performance...

Introducing how to change the button assignments on a Logitech gaming mouse with images!

This article introduces how to change button assignments for those using Logitech gaming mice. You can also assign each key for gaming and shortcut commands that can be used in Windows. Easy to understand with images...

Which brand of gaming mouse should I choose? 5 recommended brands!

There are many brands that sell gaming mice, but I would like to introduce five that I personally think are famous. This article is recommended for those who are not familiar with gaming device brands or those who are worried about which brand of gaming mouse to buy...