Introducing REALFORCE GX1 KEYBOARD whose actuation point changes automatically!

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This article introduces the REALFORCE GX1 KEYBOARD, a gaming keyboard developed by a manufacturer called Topre.

REALFORCE is a keyboard developed by a company called Topre, which is a company that makes parts for cars and air conditioning equipment.

This keyboard is also equipped with some rare features, so please take a look until the end.

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Compact and tenkeyless!

Topre's REALFORCE GX series uses a tenkeyless and compact design. This gives you more space and improved maneuverability when playing games.

Also, you can place it without getting in the way even if your desk is small. This gaming keyboard, manufactured in Japan, has received high praise from PC game players, and its popularity has kept it high in the rankings.

Source: Rakuten Market

Adopts unique capacitive non-contact method for switch

The REALFORCE GX series uses Topre's proprietary capacitive non-contact switch. This method allows input without the key contacts mechanically touching each other, allowing for fast and accurate operation.

In addition, the capacitive non-contact type is more durable than conventional mechanical switches and can be used safely over long periods of time.

Once you try using a capacitive contactless keyboard, you will definitely be fascinated by its comfort.

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Actuation point changes with Dual-APC

Topre keyboards are equipped with a function called Actuation Point Change (APC) that changes the actuation point.

And this keyboard is equipped with Dual-APC, which has a new dynamic mode in APC.

In dynamic mode, the actuation point becomes deeper or shallower depending on the distance you press the key.

This feature makes typing faster when you release and then press a key again.

Source: Rakuten Market
Source: Rakuten Market
Source: Rakuten Market

With the update, it is now possible to set it to 0.1mm.

With the update implemented on July 12, 2023, it is now possible to set the actuation point between 0.1mm and 3.0mm.

There are still very few gaming keyboards that can be set to 0.1mm, so this product is recommended for those who want to use a device with even slightly faster input speeds. However, you should be careful when using it, as it may lead to incorrect input.

Adopts a silent switch to reduce keystroke noise

One of the appeals of this series is that it uses a silent switch, and the keystroke noise is low. The design is designed to allow you to play or work in a quiet environment, even in shared spaces or late at night.

In addition, even with the silent switches, you can get a reliable feel when typing, so typing comfort is not compromised.

You can choose between 45g and 30g of key weight.

With the REALFORCE GX series, you can choose between 45g and 30g of key weight. Since you can pursue the keystroke feel you like, you can operate comfortably without getting tired even when playing games or working for long periods of time.

In addition, typing speed and accuracy change depending on the weight of the keys, so it is attractive that you can choose the one that suits you.

Accurate input with simultaneous pressing of all keys and N-key rollover support

It supports simultaneous pressing of all keys and N-key rollover, so you can input accurately even if you press multiple keys at the same time.

This allows for accurate input during in-game actions and advanced operations, making it useful for everyday use and professional gaming.

You can choose from Japanese layout or English layout.

The REALFORCE GX series allows you to choose between a Japanese layout and an English layout, so you can customize it to suit your tastes and purposes.

Choosing the English layout allows for a more compact design, which makes effective use of space.

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Equipped with RGB light illumination

The REALFORCE GX series is equipped with RGB light illumination, allowing the keyboard to shine. Illumination is customizable, allowing you to change the color and pattern of the light to suit your tastes and the atmosphere of the game.

This allows you to enjoy a more unique design during everyday use and gaming scenes.

Can be customized with dedicated software

The REALFORCE GX keyboard is a Japanese gaming keyboard developed by Topre, and its functions and design can be customized using dedicated software. This software allows you to individually set the keyboard layout and map, allowing you to operate optimally depending on the game.

In addition, it uses a capacitive non-contact method, which allows for fast and durable keystrokes. Additionally, it has dual-stroke functionality, allowing you to customize the force and stroke of the keyboard.

Source: Rakuten Market


REALFORCE GX Keyboard is a gaming keyboard that can be customized using dedicated software. Adopts a capacitive non-contact method and dual stroke function to achieve high-speed and durable keystrokes.

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