5 recommended controllers for PC! Carefully selected only famous products!

I've selected five controllers that I personally think are famous for gamers who play games on a PC, and briefly introduce their prices and features, so if you're looking for a controller, please take a look!

Explaining ZOWIE's gaming mouse pad "GSRSE ROUGE"! The design is cool!

For PC gamers, the optimal gaming mouse pad is an extremely important item to stabilize operability and win in heated battles. This time, we will introduce the ZOWIE brand gaming mouse pad "GSRSE ROUGE", which has received tremendous support from hardcore gamers...

Explaining the features such as size and weight of "Razer Basilisk Ultimate"! Equipped with 11 buttons and comes with a charging dock!

This article summarizes the features of the "Razer Basilisk Ultimate" gaming mouse. Its size and weight, connection method, button functions, customizable scroll wheel, maximum DPI, battery life, optical mouse switch...

Introducing the size, weight, DPI, connection method, etc. of Logitech's gaming mouse "G304"! There are many colors for about 5000 yen!

In the gaming industry these days, high-performance gaming mice are in demand, from professional gamers and streamers to general users. Among them, the product that interests me is Logitech's "G304" gaming mouse. In this article, we will introduce its attractive features, specifications,...

Explaining Razer's gaming monitor "Razer Raptor 27"! 27 inch 165Hz!

Do you know Razer, a manufacturer that sells products for gamers whose image color is green? In this article, we will introduce the gaming monitor "Razer Rapto", which is sold by Razer and has features such as QHD resolution and 165Hz...

Introducing the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma, which can also be assigned buttons! Can be used on Xbox and PC!

This article explains the characteristics of the gaming controller "Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma" such as its size and functions. Please note that this is a controller for Xbox and PC. Highly rated on Amazon...

Compare Dell gaming mice!

What types of gaming mice are available from Dell's Alienware brand, and their characteristics such as size and weight are summarized below. Recommended for those who want to know what Dell gaming mice are available.
rockman exe

Rockman EXE Advanced Collection: Differences between PS4 and Switch versions

In recent years, classic games from the past have been released one after another, and among them, the ``Rockman EXE series'', which was once very popular on the portable game console Game Boy Advance (GBA), has finally been revived as an Advanced Collection. I accomplished it. now...
gaming laptop

Recommended manufacturers of gaming notebook PCs! You can choose from famous manufacturers!

We have compiled a list of recommended manufacturers for those considering purchasing a gaming laptop. We feature famous manufacturers and brands, so even if you are new to PC, you may know some of the manufacturers.
Nintendo Switch

No cross play? Which hardware should I buy Rockman Exe Advanced Collection on?

I think there are some people who are wondering which platform to buy Rockman Exe Advanced Collection, which was released on April 14, 2023. This article explains which platform is best for you.