I decided to clean my PS5, which I had never cleaned since I bought it! Here's how to clean it!

Do you regularly clean your PC or PS5? If you don't clean them, dust will get in the way and reduce heat dissipation efficiency, which can shorten the lifespan of the device or cause it to break down. That's why I recently cleaned my PS5, which I hadn't cleaned since I bought it...

Introducing a lever-less arcade controller with rapid triggers!

VARMILO has released a high-performance leverless arcade controller that is equipped with a rapid trigger and allows you to change the actuation point!

COD:MW3 tactical stance method and summary of settings to check when you can't do it

Explaining how to use the tactical stance in COD:MW3! Recommended for those who want to unlock camouflage but don't know how to use the tactical stance!

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This article introduces ways to reduce the delay when sliding for those playing COD:MW3. It's very easy and just by changing the settings a little, the time from pressing the button to the sliding effect will be shorter than the default setting. Around that...

Explaining how to create a dual weapon custom in COD:MW3! Easy to obtain!

This article summarizes how to issue dual (two-gun) specific submachine guns and handguns in COD:MW3. The release and release method is very simple, and you can take a little time to release it, or you can release it as a priority. Everyone's favorite...

Explaining why you can't hear footsteps in COD:MW3! This game might not need an equalizer! ?

Most people probably feel that they can't hear footsteps when playing COD:MW3. In this article, we will explain why you can't hear enemy footsteps in MW3. Anyone can mute footsteps for a very simple reason. I just started playing MW3 and don't know much about the footsteps in this game...

Introducing how to easily check the progress of removing camouflage in COD:MW3 in a list!

This article introduces an easy way to check the progress of removing camouflage in COD:MW3. If you select a weapon on the loadout change screen and check the camouflage every time, this is a method you should definitely know. Make sure the weapons are displayed in a list...

How to check the cumulative status (kill rate, etc.) in COD:MW3 (PS4, PS5)

This article summarizes how to check your own cumulative status (battle record) in COD:MW3. You can also check K/D, win rate, etc., and you can check information that can be used as a reference when analyzing which weapons are suitable for you and which rules are weak.

Introducing how to use text chat in COD:MW3 (PS4, PS5) and how to check parties in a match!

This article introduces how to use text chat in the PS4 and PS5 versions of COD:MW3. It's very easy and I think the hurdles are lower than voice chat, so please give it a try. I think it would be a good idea to try using it in the recently implemented ranked play. Ma...

Explaining the three rules used in COD:MW3 ranked play!

This is a simple explanation of the rules used in MW3 ranked play. If you want to try ranked but don't know the rules, check it out.