Review of Razer's gaming mouse "BASILISK X HYPERSPEED"! Powered by AA batteries and lower in height than G703h

What kind of mouse are you using? In this article, we are reviewing "BASILISK X HYPERSPEED", a cheap and cost-effective gaming mouse from Razer! I'm thinking of buying a new gaming mouse or a Razer gaming mouse...

Introducing how to change the DPI and button assignments on Razer's gaming mouse with images!

This article summarizes how to change the DPI and button assignments with images for those who bought a Razer gaming mouse. If you want to change the settings but don't know how, please refer to this page. Requires installation of Razer Synapse...

We recommend Razer's cooling fan "Razer Phone Cooler Chroma" that cools down smartphones that get hot after long hours of gaming!

For those who play smartphone games such as Genshin, Monster Strike, and Puzzle & Dragons and have experienced their smartphones becoming hot and slow, we would like to introduce Razer's smartphone cooling fan!

If you're looking for a 4K compatible gaming monitor, BenQ's EX2710U is recommended! 144Hz output possible with 27 inches!

Do you know the famous monitor manufacturer BenQ? In this article, we will introduce the EX2710U gaming monitor from BenQ's monitors. It measures 27 inches and has a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. The price is high...

Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed has noise canceling and can connect via 2.4GHz and Bluetooth! Also compatible with wireless charging!

Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed wireless earphones will be released on July 7, 2023! With 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth, the Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed...

ROCCAT's "Vulcan II Mini Air" is a gaming keyboard with 1.4mm actuation points and high customizability!

ROCCAT will release a new gaming keyboard called "Vulcan II Mini Air" on July 7, 2023! The keycaps are shallow, so you can see the RGB-lit switches, which is cool! Third-party keycaps...
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Recommended for people who don't like lukewarm drinks! A drink holder that can be used in both summer and winter to keep drinks cool while you work or play games!

Have you ever found yourself wanting a colder drink because the plastic bottle or can you left on your desk has become lukewarm while you're at work or playing a game? The drink holder sold by Sanwa Supply is recommended for such people! This hole...

Introducing the Razer Cobra Pro, a mouse that weighs 77g, has 8 buttons, and can be charged wirelessly! There is also a wired type!

This article introduces Razer's Cobra series gaming mouse that will be released in July 2023! There are both wireless and wired types, and the wireless type Cobra Pro can also be charged wirelessly. You can buy the wired type for as low as 6,000 yen...