We recommend Razer's cooling fan "Razer Phone Cooler Chroma" that cools down smartphones that get hot after long hours of gaming!

スマートフォン 冷却ファン smartphone
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Have you ever experienced that your smartphone gets hot and slows down when you play a smartphone game for a long time?

For such people, we recommend "Razer Phone Cooler Chroma", a cooling fan for smartphones sold by Razer! By using a cooling plate and a cooling fan to cool your smartphone, which gets hot when used for a long time, you can stabilize the operating speed!

This article summarizes the features of "Razer Phone Cooler Chroma", so please take a look.

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Can be used with both iPhone and Android smartphones

There are iPhone and Android smartphones, and it is designed to be used with both.

In the case of an iPhone, the MagSafe installed on the back of the iPhone allows it to stick to the back. For Android smartphones, secure the smartphone with a clamp.

Therefore, it is easy to install.

Be careful when using Android

The width of the clamp used to attach it to an Android smartphone is determined, so be careful about that.

Specifically, if the width of the smartphone body is 67 to 88 mm, it can be held with a clamp.

If your smartphone is smaller or larger than that, you will not be able to clip it, so we recommend checking the width of your smartphone in advance.

スマートフォン 冷却ファン
Source: Rakuten Market

Requires USB adapter for power supply

A USB Type-C to Type-A cable is included as a power cable, but an adapter is not included, so you will need to prepare one sold separately. Also, since the cable length is 1.5, it cannot be used at a distance of more than 1.5m from the adapter.

There is no problem if the USB-A port of the adapter you are using for charging your smartphone is available, but please be careful if it is not available.

You will need an adapter that can output 5V, 2A or more, so check the output if it does not work properly.

Cooled by a 7-blade fan with adjustable rotation speed

One of the cooling methods is a 7-blade fan with a maximum rotation speed of 6400 rpm. The higher the rotation speed, the better the cooling effect, but the disadvantage is that it will be noisier.

rpm is a unit used to express the number of revolutions per minute.

The rotation speed can be adjusted using an app called RAZER PHONE COOLER that can be installed on your smartphone. If you want to give priority to the cooling effect, you can increase the rotation speed, and if you are concerned about noise, you can lower the rotation speed.

Cooling is also possible with the cooling plate on the back side

You can also cool your smartphone with a metal cooling plate on the back. Since it directly cools the smartphone itself, this cooling plate may have a better cooling effect than a fan.

There is a Peltier element cooling tile inside that uses the Peltier effect, so the plate is cooled.

スマートフォン 冷却ファン
Source: Rakuten Market

Equipped with RGB lights typical of gaming products

This cooling fan is equipped with RGB lighting just like Razer's gaming devices.

Just like the fan speed, you can customize the lighting using an app called RAZER PHONE COOLER.

Official price is approximately 8000 yen

The price at Razer official store is approximately 8000 yen. At the time of writing this article, it was being sold at a slightly higher price on Rakuten and Amazon.

If you often play smartphone games and are worried about slowdowns, why not give it a try?

Click here to purchaseRazer official store,Amazon,Rakuten

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