Explaining the three rules used in COD:MW3 ranked play!

This is a simple explanation of the rules used in MW3 ranked play. If you want to try ranked but don't know the rules, check it out.

Akekon “Razer Kitsune” without a stick has appeared! Grab victory with overwhelming operability!

The stick-less arcade controller "Razer Kitsune" has been released. "Razer Kitsune" has the following features: - Overwhelming operability with optical switches - Removable aluminum top plate...
Product review

If you're looking for shoes that won't slip on icy roads in winter, we recommend Columbia's sneaker-shaped Sapland!

You often slip on roads that have been compacted and frozen, or on icy slopes where it is hard to tell that the snow is frozen. Columbia's sneaker-type ``Sapland Two Low Waterproof'' is recommended when you go out in the winter. Shoe sole...

Introducing the 39g ultra-lightweight gaming mouse "BEAST X"! There are 6 colors including red and pink!

Good news for PC gamers! WLMOUSE has released the 39g ultra-lightweight gaming mouse "BEAST X". This article provides a quick summary of its amazing features and design. With its unique design, color variations, and high-performance sensor...

Introducing ROG Swift Pro PG248QP, which can achieve a refresh rate of 540Hz with overclocking!

The ROG Swift Pro PG248QP gaming monitor scheduled to be released by ASUS on February 2, 2024 has a refresh rate of 540Hz, and you can expect smoother images than ever before. In this article, RO...

Introducing "LAMZU ATLANTIS MINI PRO" which weighs 51g and can achieve 4K polling rate! There are also rare colors!

This article summarizes the gaming mouse "LAMZU ATLANTIS MINI PRO" for those looking for a lightweight and high-performance gaming mouse. ・Weight is 51g, so it is not tiring ・Supports high-speed 4K polling rate ・Pixart...
PC peripherals

Sanko is now selling a clamp-type rotating 4-sided perforated board that is useful when you want to keep your desk area clean! You can also store your controller!

This article summarizes THANKO's ``Rotating 4-sided Perforated Board'', which is recommended for those who want to organize their desk area. It also comes with a stand to store drinks, headphones, controllers, etc., so it's also recommended for those who like games. desk...

The controller "Stealth Ultra" that allows changes such as remapping and dead zone only with the main unit will be released on January 26, 2024!

This article summarizes the controller "Stealth Ultra" that will be released on January 26, 2024. It is unique in that changes such as button remapping and stick dead zones can be made only on the main unit, without a PC. Every time you change settings, the PC...

Although it's expensive, CORSAIR's gaming keyboard "K70 MAX" is recommended because it has a polling rate of 8000Hz and low latency!

This article summarizes the features of CORSAIR's high-performance gaming keyboard "K70 MAX," which has a maximum polling rate of 8000Hz, low latency, an actuation point as shallow as 0.4mm, and a rapid trigger mode. price...

Lightweight gaming mouse "VM610" weighing 54g is now available from ELECOM! Easy to use with 2 side buttons!

ELECOM has announced the new gaming mouse "VM610" scheduled to be released! The weight of the main body is 54g, making it a firmly lightweight gaming mouse. The polling rate is 1000Hz, which is a typical polling rate for gaming mice...