Lightweight gaming mouse "VM610" weighing 54g is now available from ELECOM! Easy to use with 2 side buttons!

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Product overview of “VM610”

First, I will summarize the overview of "VM610" in a table.

Number of buttons8 pieces (2 side buttons)
Connection method2.4GHz wireless/wired
polling rate1000Hz
DPI26000 (can be changed in increments of 100)
cable length1.5m
batteryUp to 50 hours (fully charged in 1 hour)
Product overview of “VM610”
Source: Rakuten Market

The shape is symmetrical and slightly smaller than "G PRO"

「VM610」は左右対称型のゲーミングマウスで、大きさは121×61×37mmIt has become. It has a similar shape to Logitech's "G PRO" gaming mouse. By the wayThe size of "G PRO" is 124 x 63.5 x 40 mmTherefore, "VM610" is a little smaller than "G PRO".

There are 8 buttons in total, 2 side buttons

All the buttons8 piecesIt's attached,8 pieces: left and right main buttons, wheel, 2 under the wheel, 2 side buttons, 1 on the bottomIt will be. I think it's unusual that the wheel has two buttons. It is convenient to assign functions that are used infrequently but that you may want to use occasionally to the buttons on the bottom.

Source: Rakuten Market

Relatively light, weighing 54g

The weight is54gIt is relatively light among gaming mice. The weight of "G PRO" that I mentioned earlier is 80, so"VM610" is 26g lighterIt will be. The contents of the main body have been improved to make it lighter, so there are no holes.

Can be used both wired and wireless

How to connectwiredwirelessのどちらにも対応しているので、好きなほうがで使うことができます。最大ポーリングレートは1000Hzで、ゲーミングマウスの一般的なポーリングレートになっています。軽くてポーリングレートが高いものが欲しい場合は、別なものを探しましょう。有線で使う場合は、付属のケーブルの長さが1.5mis. Please note that it does not support Bluetooth.

Equipped with a lightweight battery that can last up to 50 hours

バッテリーも軽量なものを選んで搭載していて、そこでも軽量化をしています。軽量な分、使える時間は少し短くなっていますが、最大で約50時間can be chargingに対応していて、3分程度の充電でも4時間程度は使うことができるようです。It takes about 1 hour to fully chargeIt becomes. Even if the battery runs out while you are using it, you can rest assured that it can be used for a long time with a small charge.

Color is black only

The color of the main body is currentlyblackのみになっています。カラーバリエーションが少ないのは、少し残念なポイントではありますね。ホワイトやレッドなどのカラーのゲーミングマウスを探している方は、他のものを探しましょう。

Click here for the product page →Rakuten

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