Introducing Pwnage's popular gaming mouse that is expensive but often out of stock! All colors are cool!

Pwnage Wireless Gaming Mouse StormBreaker Limited Edition Red mouse
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In this article, we will introduce a gaming mouse made by a manufacturer called Pwnage. The product name is"Pwnage Wireless Gaming Mouse StormBreaker Limited Edition"It is a very popular gaming mouse because it comes in a wide variety of colors such as red, blue, and gray, and it also has high performance.

We have summarized the performance and price of the "Pwnage Wireless Gaming Mouse StormBreaker Limited Edition", so please refer to it if you are thinking of purchasing a gaming mouse!

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When viewed from the side, the shape seems to be more raised in the middle than other mice.

Regarding the shape, when viewed from above, it looks similar to other gaming mice, but when viewed from the side, it seems to be taller than other gaming mice. The height reduces or reduces the gap between your fingers and the mouse, making it easier to fit in your hand.

The specific size is122mm long, 64mm wide, 42mm highIt becomes. There is a caveat regarding the height; the highest point is 42mm.Comparing the heights of the left and right ends, the right end is lower, so it has a slightly quirky shape.My impression is that it is.

Source: Rakuten Market
Source: Rakuten Market
Source: Rakuten Market

It weighs 51g, which is quite light.

Weight is 51gIt becomes,Quite light among gaming miceis! The main body material is magnesium alloy, which is strong and lightweight. Additionally, by creating a large number of gaps, the amount of magnesium alloy used is reduced, further reducing weight. Through these efforts, we have achieved a weight of 51g.

There are 5 buttons in total, 2 of which are side buttons.

The number of buttons is small among gaming mice,5 in total, 2 of which are side buttonsIt becomes. It may not be suitable for playing games such as MMOs, but I think you can basically use it without any inconvenience if you have five.

As for the side button, it is only on the left side, so it is designed to be used with the right hand.This is not recommended for those looking for a gaming mouse that can be used with the left hand.

There are many color variations and all are cool

"Pwnage Wireless Gaming Mouse StormBreaker Limited Edition" is available in a wide variety of colors,5 types: gray, red, blue, mint, and olivethere is. Also,Although it is not a limited edition,black and whiteThere is also. All colors are cool and recommended for those who are particular about their appearance!

Source: Rakuten Market
Source: Rakuten Market

The connection method is wireless, so cables don't get in the way.

Wireless connection also availableI'm doing it,Polling rate is 2000HzWe are realizing this. A typical polling rate for gaming mice is 1000Hz, so 2000Hz is high. Increasing the polling rate has benefits such as improving the accuracy of input when operating the mouse and reducing delays.If the polling rate doubles, the delay will be halved.I don't know if you'll be able to experience it, but I think it's a big advantage.

The charging cable is a Type-C cable. The length is 2m, so I don't think you will have any problems with it being short.

Can be used for up to 120 hours

Battery is 300mAhIt is equipped withup to 120 hourscan also be used. It's not as long as other gaming mice, but I can use it normally for several days, so I think it's enough.

Charging time is 2 hoursIt becomes,Can be used for a long time even after a short charging timeIt looks like this.

The price is around 26,000 yen

The price is high, around 26,000 yen.You can buy it at I think the reason why the price is so high is because of the effort put into the design and the fact that the polling rate can reach up to 2000Hz. The price is clearly higher than other gaming mice, so consider purchasing carefully.

EC site where you can purchase

Pwnage products are made in the USA.Even famous e-commerce sites such as Amazon do not have much stock.It seems that. "Pwnage Wireless Gaming Mouse StormBreaker Limited Edition" is "Fumoffu's showYou can buy it at ``.

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