Summary of gaming keyboards that can set the actuation point to 0.1mm!

We've put together a list of gaming keyboards with 0.1mm actuation points that we've covered on our blog! SteelSeries, ELECOM, and more!

Ninjutso releases a gaming mouse with a polling rate of 4000Hz and ultra-low latency! It also comes in pink and is recommended for women too!

This is an introduction to a mouse from Ninjutso that can output a polling rate of up to 4000Hz. The main body color is also pink, so it is recommended for women!

Introducing the keyboard “VK600A” from ELECOM that realizes an actuation point of 0.1mm! Can it compete with “Apex Pro”?

Keyboards have an actuation point, which is a numerical value that indicates how far a key must be pressed to generate an input. The shallowest actuation point is 0.1mm, and as a gaming keyboard that achieves 0.1mm, Ste...

Logitech has released a new mouse, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2! Check out the differences with the previous model!

We have summarized the weight and other features of the "G PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2". We also explain the differences with the "G PRO X"!

Introducing the gaming monitor "AW2524HF" from Dell that can produce a 500Hz refresh rate! Summary of interesting features!

If you play games on a PC, you probably use a gaming monitor, but what kind of gaming monitor do you use? When choosing a monitor, there are important points to consider such as screen size, resolution, and interface, but in this article, we will focus on the 50...
gaming laptop

Can I play Armored Core 6 on a gaming laptop? Impressions from actually playing!

Do you know about Armored Core 6, which was released on August 25, 2023 and is being talked about as being too difficult? I think many of you reading this article are interested in Armored Core 6 or gaming notebook PCs. In this article, I will introduce the garage that I usually use...

I want people who like blue to see this! Introducing the blue keyboard that you can buy at Fumoffu Omise!

There are many different types of keyboards, but most of them are mainly black or white, and there are some people who don't like that and want a keyboard with a brighter color. In this article, we will introduce the keyboards sold on the site Fumoffu no Omise...

HORI has released a new controller that can be used with the Switch! Equipped with button rapid fire function!

When playing Switch games, we recommend the Wireless Horipad TURBO for specific tasks such as leveling up! The price is 7,000 yen!
Notebook PC

Don't buy a PC with 4GB of memory! Choose a PC with at least 8GB or more!

Memory is one of the most important parts when choosing a PC, whether for work or gaming. Regarding memory, this is my personal opinion, but I feel that at least 8GB of memory is required for work, and 16GB or more for gaming. In this article, that's about it...

Introducing a mechanical keyboard that is a collaboration between NieR:Automata and Fumocolle! The special feel of the keycaps is amazing!

A must-see for NieR: Automata fans! A mechanical keyboard that is a collaboration between Fumocolle and NieR: Automata has arrived! In this article, we will introduce the NieR Automata keyboard, which has an attractive keycap and design that gives it a special feel. I will also tell you how to purchase...