HORI has released a new controller that can be used with the Switch! Equipped with button rapid fire function!

ワイヤレスホリパッド TURBO for Nintendo Switch controller
Source: Rakuten Market
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There are various controllers that can be used with the Nintendo Switch, including genuine products developed by Nintendo. Among them, HORI, which has many products officially licensed by Nintendo, has released the wireless controller "Wireless Hori Pad TURBO for Nintendo Switch" with a rapid-fire function!

In this article, we will summarize the features and functions of wireless controllers, so please use it as a reference when choosing a controller.

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Fully compatible with Switch Lite

There are three models of Switch: the regular model, the OLED model, and the Switch Lite, and the controller is compatible with all three models, so even those who use the Switch Lite can use it without any problems. For the regular Switch, it can be used in modes other than portable mode.

Equipped with a rapid-fire function that is convenient for laps, etc.

The most distinctive feature of this controller is that it is equipped with a rapid-fire function. This is a function that you may not use in normal gameplay, but it is a convenient function when you want to repeat the same task in the game.

in particularContinuous input function that allows you to input continuously while pressing the buttonand,Rapid-fire hold function that inputs even after you release your finger from the buttonthere is.The rapid fire hold function is the A button, B button, X button, Y button, L button, R button, ZL button, and ZR button.It can be used inFor rapid-fire function, use the cross buttonYes, you can. For short periods of time, you can hold down the button, and for long periods of time, you can release the controller and leave it alone with the rapid fire hold.

The button firing speed can be set to one of three levels: 5, 10, or 20 times per second. I don't think you need 20 shots per second, so I think you'll mostly use it at about 5 shots.

ワイヤレスホリパッド TURBO for Nintendo Switch
Source: Rakuten Market
ワイヤレスホリパッド TURBO for Nintendo Switch
Source: Rakuten Market

The continuous shooting function can be set only on the main unit.

To set the rapid fire function, use the TURBO button on the main unit.You can switch a button to rapid fire mode by holding down the TURBO button and pressing the button you want to switch to rapid fire mode.Furthermore, if you perform the same operation on the button that was set to rapid fire mode again, it will switch from rapid fire mode to rapid fire hold mode. If you perform the same operation after switching to hold mode, you can turn rapid fire mode off.

When the burst mode is on, the indicator will light up and flash, and when the burst mode is turned off for all buttons, the indicator will turn off.

You can change the firing speed using the TURBO button and the right stick.While holding down the TURBO button, move the right stick up or down to change the firing speed.When you switch, the indicator flashes according to the button's firing speed, making it easy to see whether the switch has been made.

You can set it up without a PC, so even if you only have a Switch, you can use the rapid fire function without any problems!

Do not use in online battles.

There are many controllers that have rapid fire and macro functions like this, but you should avoid using these functions in online multiplayer games.

There is a type of cheating in games called hardware cheating, and although it depends on the game and its manufacturer, functions and hardware such as rapid fire functions, macro functions, converters, etc. may be treated as cheating. Although it is rare for hardware cheating to result in punishment such as account bans, it can also cause problems such as promoting the decline of the game.

Therefore, thisThe rapid-fire function on the controller should be used for offline games or when playing only with acquaintances.

Equipped with a gyro function that is convenient for games such as Splatoon

Some games, such as Splatoon, also have a gyro function that is used for viewpoint movement, etc. It is a difficult function to use, but once you get used to it, you will be able to use it to move the viewpoint left and right with the stick while moving the viewpoint up and down with the gyro.

The gyro function is also included in Nintendo's original Pro Controller, so this controller is recommended for those who want gyro functionality as well as rapid fire functionality.

ワイヤレスホリパッド TURBO for Nintendo Switch
Source: Rakuten Market

Wireless connection and easy to use

The connection method is wireless via Bluetooth, just like the original Pro Controller. You won't feel the need for cables, and you can comfortably use the gyro function, which requires moving the main unit. This is a safe choice for those who are reluctant to buy a wired controller because they have been using the original Pro Controller until now.

It takes about 3 hours to charge, and when fully charged it can be used for about 15 hours.

The size is slightly larger than the original Pro Controller.

When comparing the size of the Wireless Horipad TURBO with the original Pro Controller, the Wireless Horipad TURBO is slightly larger.

in particular,The genuine Pro Controller is 106mm long, 152mm wide, and 60mm thick.However,The Wireless Horipad TURBO is 105mm long, 160mm wide, and 65mm thick.The height (depth) is almost the same, with a difference of 1mm, but the Wireless Horipad TURBO is 8mm longer in width and 5mm longer in thickness. Therefore, for those who find the genuine Pro Controller to be just right, the Wireless Horipad TURBO may feel a little large and uncomfortable. On the other hand, for those who find the genuine Pro Controller to be small, this controller may feel just right.

It weighs 60g less than the original Pro Controller.

The weight isThe original Pro Controller weighs 246gHowever,Wireless Horipad TURBO weighs 180gIt is about 60g lighter than the original Pro Controller. It's strange that the Wireless Horipad TURBO is 60g lighter than the larger one.

A lighter controller will make it easier to play games for long periods of time without getting tired. It also reduces the risk of developing tendonitis.

It's a shame that the only color available is black

One disappointing point is that the only color variation is black. Genuine Pro Controllers come in a variety of colors, and although the performance remains the same, you can choose the look you like, which makes you feel attached to them and motivates you to play games.

On the other hand, some people like the simple black controller, but of course some people find it too simple and boring. For those who want a controller in a flashy or unusual color like red or blue, this controller is not recommended.

The price is about 7,000 yen, which is not much different from the original Pro Controller.

The price is about 7,000 yen, which is not much different from the genuine Pro Controller. If you want to try out the rapid fire function or if you are not satisfied with the size of the Pro Controller, it might be worth purchasing.

I've attached the product pages on Amazon and Rakuten so please check them out.

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