ASUS' new controller "ROG Raikiri" is here! It can also be connected to Xbox and has buttons on the back!

ASUS コントローラー ROG Raikiri controller
Source: Rakuten Market
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In June 2023, ASUS released a controller called ROG Raikiri that can be connected to PC (Windows) and Xbox.

It's a wired controller with a uniquely shaped button on the back, and you can even customize the distance the trigger moves! We have summarized its features in more detail, so if you are interested, please take a look.

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Can be connected to PC and Xbox via wire

Devices that can be connected are Windows PCs and Xbox. Specifically, it is a device that can connect Windows 10, Windows 11 and Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the connection method is wired only, and wireless connection is not possible. The cable used is a USB-C cable, and one is included as an accessory.

Please note that there is a slight disadvantage that you will not be able to use it if there is no free USB-A port.

It weighs 300g, which is a bit heavy.

According to the product specifications, the weight including the cable is 300g. The weight gives the impression that it is heavy compared to other controllers, but if you don't mind the weight of several tens of grams, I don't think it will be a problem.

Also, regarding the size, it is 103 (W) x 64 (H) x 155 (L) mm. I don't think you can tell from this number alone, so I think it would be a good idea to compare it with the size of the controller you own and find out whether it fits your hand or not.

ASUS コントローラー ROG Raikiri
Source: Rakuten Market

Equipped with a uniquely shaped back button

Controllers with back buttons are sold by various manufacturers, but even compared to those, the controllers have a quite unique shape on the back.

It is shaped like a trapezoid and is placed where you would expect to press it with your middle finger.

You can assign things like the jump button and use it like a regular back button, and you can also assign stick sensitivity switching.

ASUS コントローラー ROG Raikiri
Source: Rakuten Market

Special software Armory Crate is required to change assignments.

Assignment (mapping) of buttons such as back buttons is done using the dedicated software Armory Crate.

This software is also required to assign the back buttons, so you cannot assign the back buttons on the controller alone.

You will also need a PC to install the software, so although it is Xbox compatible, it may be difficult to use for people who only have an Xbox.

ASUS コントローラー ROG Raikiri
Source: Rakuten Market

Trigger button press distance can be adjusted

You can choose between a long or short trigger push distance. This can be easily configured using only ROG Raikiri itself.

All you have to do is slide the step trigger switch on the back of ROG Raikiri. If you slide it inward, the push will be longer, and if you slide it outward, the push will be shorter.

Each trigger on the left and right has a switch, so you can set the left and right separately. It might be a good idea to use a short trigger for games where speed is important, and a full trigger with a longer press for other games.

ASUS コントローラー ROG Raikiri
Source: Rakuten Market

You can also adjust the dead zone

Just like button mapping, you can also set triggers using the dedicated software Armory Crate. Specifically, you can adjust the trigger deadzone.

The button does not respond if you press it lightly, but only if you press it a certain amount. The depth at which the button does not respond when pressed is called the dead zone.

You can make that dead zone shallower or deeper. Shallow dead zones are said to be advantageous in FPS and other games, and this is a feature that anyone who plays games where a small amount of time is important should definitely try out.

ASUS コントローラー ROG Raikiri
Source: Rakuten Market

Equipped with a 3.5mm earphone jack for easy voice chat

I think many people play games using wired earphones or headsets, but ROG Raikiri is equipped with a 3.5mm earphone jack, making it easier to connect earphones, etc.

There is no need to connect it to the PC, so you can use it with confidence even if the cable length is short. You can also use the microphone, and there is also a mute button, so you can easily mute it when you want to mute it immediately or when you go to the bathroom.

Even with this many functions and high performance, the price is about 14,000 yen.

The price is about 14,000 yen, which I think is cheaper compared to other controllers.

It's more expensive than the original Xbox or PS controllers, but considering it has buttons on the back and can be customized in a variety of ways, I think it's reasonably priced.

Recommended for those looking for a multi-functional, high-performance, and inexpensive controller!

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