ASUS' new controller "ROG Raikiri" is here! It can also be connected to Xbox and has buttons on the back!

In June 2023, ASUS released a controller called ROG Raikiri that can be connected to PC (Windows) and Xbox. It's a wired controller with a uniquely shaped back button, and you can customize the distance the trigger moves.

HyperX releases “Cirro Buds Pro” wireless earphones with noise canceling function! Equipped with a microphone and recommended for a price in the 10,000 yen range!

In this article, we will introduce wireless earphones called Cirro Buds Pro from HyperX, a popular gaming brand! The release date is June 26, 2023, and the connection method is Bluetooth, so there may be a delay, but there are games that reduce the delay...

Razer's Blackwidow V4 Pro has high polling rate and ultra-low latency! You can choose between the yellow axis and the green axis, and the command dial is also convenient!

The Razer Blackwidow V4 Pro introduced in this article is a keyboard with a numeric keypad. It is suitable not only for games, but also for creating documents using Excel etc. as it has a numeric keypad. Since the polling rate is 8000Hz...

We recommend Razer's Huntsman Mini Analog tenkeyless keyboard with high-speed trigger mode using analog switches!

Introducing Razer's Huntsman Mini Analog, which is recommended for those who want to purchase a new gaming keyboard! This keyboard uses analog optical switches and has a high-speed trigger mode that makes it easier to hit keys repeatedly.

[Released in July 2023] Introducing MSI's latest WQHD wide monitor MAG 275CQRF-QD! You can output more than 120Hz with a VA panel!

This article introduces the features of the gaming monitor MAG 275CQRF-QD released in July 2023. "MAG 275CQ" is a monitor developed by MSI with features such as WQHD resolution, 170Hz refresh rate, RAPID VA panel, etc.

Acer Nitro's 27-inch 240Hz gaming monitor VG271Zbmiipx is recommended! A brief introduction to functions and settings!

This article summarizes the VG271Zbmiipx, which can be recommended for those looking for a gaming monitor that can output 240Hz. It is a 27-inch gaming monitor that can output 240Hz, has built-in speakers, and can be attached to an arm. ...

Introducing Dell's S2522HG gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate and adjustable height and angle!

The Dell gaming monitor S2522HG introduced in this article is full HD with a refresh rate of 240Hz, and can also be adjusted in height, vertically and horizontally, and rotate the screen, providing high performance and multifunctionality. It has become a monitor. FPS etc...

BenQ's ZOWIE gaming monitor XL2540K has a refresh rate of 240Hz! Response speed can be selected from 4 levels!

This article introduces the XL2540K for those who want a gaming monitor that supports high refresh rates. The price may seem a little high, but it is sold by a popular manufacturer called BenQ and is a highly reliable product. Purchase here...
Notebook PC

Recommended for college students and business use! Introducing HP's notebook computer "15s-eq3000" Plus model equipped with 16GB of memory!

For those who don't need the performance of a gaming PC, but want a laptop with enough performance to be able to use it stress-free in business situations, we recommend the 15S-EQ3000 Plus model! If you buy a laptop that's too cheap, it won't have enough memory and won't work stably...
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Introducing GALLERIA's cheap gaming notebook PC "UL7C-AA3" that costs about 100,000 yen! Cheap and 144Hz!

This article introduces the UL7C-AA3, which can be purchased for about 100,000 yen, from a gaming notebook PC from the gaming brand GALLERIA. The benchmarks are low and the performance is not that high, making it a gaming notebook that prioritizes price over performance. ...