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Logitech G has announced the release of a new mouse, the G309, and a new keyboard, the G515!

Logitech G will release a new gaming mouse "G309" and a new gaming keyboard "G515" on July 25, 2024! Both can be used wirelessly and are simple-looking and easy-to-use devices. Product overview of "G309"...

Introducing a gaming mouse that is likely to become popular with its light weight of 38g and polling rate of 8000Hz!

In recent years, gaming mice have been evolving rapidly, and more and more high-performance ones are being released. It has been announced that a new high-performance gaming mouse called "AKITSU" will be released. It weighs only 38g and has a polling rate that can be increased to 8000Hz.

What to know about rapid trigger keyboards before you buy

This article will thoroughly explain the points about rapid trigger keyboards that you should know before purchasing. This is for people who are interested in rapid trigger but don't know what function it is. Popular rapid trigger keyboards...

The secret of gaming mice! Polling rates explained!

This article explains the polling rate of gaming mice, which is something that gamers should know. In this article, we will explain what the polling rate is, why it is important for gaming mice, and how to set it specifically and find the appropriate value. First...

A keyboard with transparent keycaps and rapid triggers is now available!

Have you ever thought that transparent keyboards that let you see what's inside are cool? In this article, we will introduce the Polar65 Phantom Gaming Keyboard, which has transparent keycaps and rapid triggers that reduce the actuation point to 0.1mm.

A list of pink gaming monitors you can buy on Amazon!

In this article, we introduce some pink gaming monitors for those who like pink devices. All of them can be purchased on Amazon, so if you are an Amazon user, you can easily purchase them. The dark pink "JN-238IP...

Logitech releases 60% size gaming keyboard "PRO X 60"!

Logitech's 60% size gaming keyboard is here! It uses optical switches and you can choose between tactile and linear!

The Wooting 60HE is expensive but extremely high performance! We will introduce its performance and how to purchase it!

The Wooting 60HE is attracting attention as a high-performance gaming keyboard. Wooting is a foreign manufacturer, so in Japan, only hardcore PC gamers may know about it, but it is surprisingly popular among such PC gamers. Lapi...

If you're looking for a wired gaming mouse, we recommend the ZOWIE ZA-C series! Available in three sizes!

Which mouse do you use, a wired mouse or a wireless mouse? This article summarizes the ZOWIE ZA-C series, which is recommended for those who use wired gaming mice. It uses an easy-to-handle paracord cable and comes in three sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

We recommend a mouse pad with a dragon on it that tickles the man's heart! Now on sale at Fumoffu Omise!

What kind of mouse pad do PC gamers use? There are mouse pads that are simple and black, and there are mouse pads that have characters drawn on them, so everyone will probably use the one they like. In this article, we will show you Fumofu at the end of March...