Logitech releases 60% size gaming keyboard "PRO X 60"!

Logitech's 60% size gaming keyboard is here! It uses optical switches and you can choose between tactile and linear!

Introducing a lever-less arcade controller with rapid triggers!

VARMILO has released a high-performance leverless arcade controller that is equipped with a rapid trigger and allows you to change the actuation point!

An easy-to-understand comparison of Galaxy's "S24" and "S23 FE", both of which will be released in 2024!

This article provides an easy-to-understand comparison of the new Galaxy models "S24" and "S23 FE" that will be released in 2024. After compiling information such as the specifications of each model, we have compiled that information into a table so that you can compare them, so if you are considering purchasing a Galaxy...

How to open a downloaded PDF again on your Galaxy smartphone!

This article is for those who use Android smartphones such as Galaxy, and will show you how to open a PDF file that you have already downloaded. After downloading it with a browser such as Chrome, you may not know where the PDF file is saved and where you can open it from.
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Panasonic's men's body trimmer, which can also remove hair from the VIO area, is amazing!

In this article, we will introduce the Panasonic ER-GK82, a body trimmer for men that can be used on the whole body. It can be purchased for around 10,000 yen, comes with attachments, and is very easy to use. The blade is large, so you can shave a wide area in a short time.

The Wooting 60HE is expensive but extremely high performance! We will introduce its performance and how to purchase it!

The Wooting 60HE is attracting attention as a high-performance gaming keyboard. Wooting is a foreign manufacturer, so in Japan, only hardcore PC gamers may know about it, but it is surprisingly popular among such PC gamers. Lapi...

If you're looking for a wired gaming mouse, we recommend the ZOWIE ZA-C series! Available in three sizes!

Which mouse do you use, a wired mouse or a wireless mouse? This article summarizes the ZOWIE ZA-C series, which is recommended for those who use wired gaming mice. It uses an easy-to-handle paracord cable and comes in three sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Introducing how to select matching rules in MW3! A must-see for COD beginners!

This article introduces how to select matching rules when performing matching in COD:MW3. It's very easy to do, so keep it in mind when you want to match only rules you like or exclude rules you don't like. ...