Introducing a custom PS5 controller from VoidGaming that has rear buttons and can be remapped! It even has a Hall effect sensor!

I have the impression that there are not many custom controllers made in Japan, but this one is produced domestically. If you want a controller with back buttons for PS5, check it out.

Logitech's gaming mouse "G703h" is a great value mouse priced at under 10,000 yen, weighs 95.3g, and is wireless!

I have briefly summarized my impressions using the gaming mouse G703, which I purchased at the same time as purchasing my first gaming notebook PC!
home appliances

Raycop's vacuum cleaner, which can also disinfect, is easy to use and rechargeable! You can also clean your futons and beds!

I would like to share my impressions after using the Raycop vacuum cleaner that I purchased at the end of 2022 for about a month. This vacuum cleaner is easy to use, as you can remove the head and replace it with the included nozzle. Even more sterilization! ?