The controller "Stealth Ultra" that allows changes such as remapping and dead zone only with the main unit will be released on January 26, 2024!

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This article summarizes the controller "Stealth Ultra" that will be released on January 26, 2024. It is unique in that changes such as button remapping and stick dead zones can be made only on the main unit, without a PC. There is no need to connect it to a PC every time you change settings, so it is less time consuming than other controllers. Recommended for those who want a rare high-performance controller!

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Product overview of “Stealth Ultra”

Connection methodWireless (2.4GHz, Bluetooth)
battery30 hours (with charging dog)
stickhall effect
back buttonFour
trigger stopYes (long or short)
Setting itemsButton mapping, dead zone, vibration strength, audio adjustment, RGB lighting, etc.
accessoriesHard case, USB cable (3m), replacement stick
・2.4GHz wireless dongle ・Charging dock
Product overview of “Stealth Ultra”
Stealth Ultra
Source: Rakuten Market

The weight is not much different from the original Xbox controller.

The weight of the "Stealth Ultra" body is 246g, which does not seem to be much different from the original Xbox controller. If it's the same as the original controller, it won't feel that heavy and I think it will be easy to use even for long periods of time. If you want to further reduce the weight, you will need to modify it yourself, such as by removing the vibration motor.

Connection method is wireless (2.4GHz/Bluetooth)

"Stealth Ultra" is a wireless controller and supports both 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth. If you want less delay, we recommend connecting via 2.4GHz wireless, and if you want to extend the battery life, we recommend connecting via Bluetooth. 2.4GHz requires the included dongle to be inserted into your PC or Xbox. Wired connection is also possible.

battery doesn't last that long

The battery is said to last about 30 hours, but I think it will probably last less than this when connected via 2.4GHz wireless. If you use Bluetooth, the delay will be longer, but you can reduce battery consumption and I think you can use it for about 30 hours.

It also comes with a charging dock that makes charging easier. It also supports quick charging and can be fully charged in about 2 hours. Therefore, even if you don't fully charge it, you can use it for a certain amount of time if you charge it a little. If you leave the charging dock on your desk with the cable plugged in, you can charge it just by placing the controller you have finished using.

The stick is a hall effect that prevents drift phenomenon.

The stick is a hall effect stick with no contacts, so it wears less than sticks with contacts and is less prone to drifting. Therefore, you can continue using it for a longer period of time than a regular controller. By the way, the drift phenomenon is a phenomenon where an input judgment occurs even when the stick is not touched.

Equipped with 4 buttons on the back that can be mapped freely

There are four buttons on the back, two on the left and right. Probably, but I think all four are designed to be pressed with the middle finger. Button assignment (mapping) can be done freely. I think two buttons on the back are basically enough, but since there are four, I can recommend it for those who don't have enough buttons on the back.

Stealth Ultra
Source: Rakuten Market

Trigger stop can be changed to long or short

The left and right trigger buttons are equipped with a trigger stop function that can be switched between long and short. There is a sliding switch next to the trigger button, so you can select long or short. It's convenient because you can instantly change it according to the game with just a switch.

You can check and change various settings on the built-in display.

You can check and change various settings such as mapping and dead zone on the display built into the top of the main unit. Most of these controllers cannot be customized without a PC, and even if mapping is possible with just the main unit, the current status cannot be visually confirmed. Controllers with a display that can solve these problems are I think it's quite rare. Recommended for those who find it troublesome to connect to a PC, start the software, and change settings every time.

Click here for the product page →Amazon,Rakuten

Stealth Ultra
Source: Rakuten Market
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