Can I play Armored Core 6 on a gaming laptop? Impressions from actually playing!

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Do you know about Armored Core 6, which was released on August 25, 2023 and is being talked about as being too difficult? I think many of you reading this article are interested in Armored Core 6 or gaming notebook PCs.

This article summarizes my impressions of playing Armored Core 6 on the Galleria gaming notebook PC "UL7C-R37" that I regularly use. If you are wondering whether to buy Armored Core 6 or considering purchasing a gaming notebook PC, please refer to it!

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Specs of gaming notebook PC “UL7C-R37”

First, I would like to introduce the specifications of the Galleria gaming notebook PC "UL7C-R37" that I use. The rough specifications are summarized in a table.

CPUCore i7-11800H
GPUGeForce RTX 3070 8GB
storage1TB NVMe SSD
maximum refresh rate240Hz
UL7C-R37 specifications (Reference: Dospara "UL7C-R37" product page)

Regarding the CPU and GPU, it is equipped with a performance that is at the top or bottom of the middle. The memory is 16GB, which is the minimum you want if you want to play games. The maximum refresh rate is high at 240Hz. When you're actually playing a game, heat tends to build up in the device, so the refresh rate isn't stable, but the theoretical maximum value seems to be 240Hz.

Armored Core 6 recommended specs

We have extracted some of the recommended specifications published on the official website of Armored Core 6 and summarized them in a table.

CPUCore i7-7700
GPUGeForce RTX 1060 6GB
storage required60GB or more
Armored Core 6 PC version recommended specifications

This means that the gaming notebook PC I am using has specifications that exceed the recommended specifications. If you are purchasing the PC version, please check whether your PC exceeds the recommended specifications before purchasing.

Armored Core 6 can be played on gaming laptops without any problems.

Since it exceeds the recommended specs, I was able to play Armored Core 6 on my gaming laptop without any problems. There are times when the screen stutters a little when the effects get too intense, but there are no processing delays that would interfere with play.

Please use this as a reference if you are unsure whether your PC's specs are sufficient or if you are considering purchasing a gaming notebook PC.

Impressions of playing Armored Core 6 on a gaming laptop

This is my first time playing the Armored Core series, and I bought Armored Core 6 about a week after its release date. I was hesitant to buy it because there were many reviews on social media that said it was more difficult than the previous Armored Core, but I thought it would be fun to come up with ways to fight, so I decided to buy it. did. It's still early in the story, but I'd like to summarize my impressions after playing a little bit.

The difficulty level is definitely difficult and it's a game that you learn by losing.

As mentioned on social media, the difficulty level is on the higher side. As for the main enemies, they are not too strong, but sometimes the boss enemies are too strong. There are multiple enemy attack patterns, and I think the game is designed so that you can't win unless you try and learn how to avoid them over and over again. Of course, you won't be able to defeat the enemy just by dodging, so you need to be able to judge when you can attack the enemy from your side. This is a feature similar to games such as Monster Hunter.

That alone makes the game difficult, but I think the reason why it's extremely difficult is because there are only so many times you can recover during a single battle. In games such as Monster Hunter, if you are not confident in avoiding enemy attacks, you can adjust the number of times you recover by yourself, such as by bringing more recovery items. On the other hand, Armored Core 6 is limited to the number of times it can be healed in one battle. Moreover, even if you say that you can recover three times, it does not mean that you can fully recover your physical strength. My impression is that the amount of recovery per recovery is about half of your physical strength.

If there were no restrictions on recovery, the difficulty level might become too easy, so I think it's good to have a limit, but I think it would be better to increase the number of times you can recover a little more, or make it possible to fully recover your health with one recovery. I think it would have been better to make it possible.

Source: Rakuten Market

The customization of the aircraft is wide and nice.

In this game, you can customize your aircraft to your liking by rearranging various parts. Changing your weapon will change your fighting style with enemies, and you can also change the color of your aircraft to give it a different look.

However, in order to defeat the enemy, you need a weapon that can consistently produce a certain amount of damage, so it may be a shame that there are times when you have to place more emphasis on strength than appearance.

Source: Rakuten Market

Video of actual play

I recorded the game screen while I was playing it, so I'll post a portion of it. There may be some jerky movement at times, but I think you can see that it is basically moving smoothly.

Effects such as explosions are well reproduced, so I think it can be said that Armored Core 6 can be played without any problems even on a gaming laptop.

I have no choice but to put up with the noisy fan.

Although I can play without any problems, the fan noise inevitably gets louder when I play games on a gaming laptop.

Armored Core 6 is no exception, the fan is always spinning at high speed while playing, and it can be quite noisy unless you are wearing earphones. Unlike desktop gaming PCs that are placed under or next to the desk, laptops have to be placed right in front of you, so the source of the sound is closer and becomes even more noisy. It may not be an exaggeration to say that this is the biggest disadvantage of gaming laptops.


So, Armored Core 6 can be played on a gaming laptop, and although Armored Core 6 is more difficult, it is an interesting game.

I hope this will be helpful to those who are considering purchasing Armored Core 6 and a gaming notebook PC. We have other articles related to gaming laptops, so please check them out as well.

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