Explaining the features such as size and weight of "Razer Basilisk Ultimate"! Equipped with 11 buttons and comes with a charging dock!

ゲーミングマウス Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse
Source: Rakuten Market
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This article summarizes the features of the "Razer Basilisk Ultimate" gaming mouse. Learn about its size and weight, connection methods, button functions, customizable scroll wheel, maximum DPI, battery life, optical mouse switch, and charging dock.

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What is Razer?

Razer is an American company that mainly sells gaming devices but also apparel products. Razer products are highly valued by esports athletes and gamers. It is a manufacturer with an impressive green image color and logo drawn on the mouse etc.

The size is large and the weight is 107g.

The size of "Razer Basilisk Ultimate" isLength 130mm, width 60mm, height 42mmin,Weight is approximately 107gis. If you compare the weight with other wireless gaming mice from RAZER, it will look like the graph below.
Looking at this graph, "Basilisk Ultimate"HeavyIt turns out that it is. Since the size of the main body is large, it seems that it is a little heavy.RAZER mouseIf you want an ultra-lightweight mouse, we recommend purchasing something like the ``RAZER VIPER MINI SIGNATURE EDITION.''


Connection can be both wired and wireless

“Razer Basilisk Ultimate” is2.4GHz wireless connectionIt is characterized by fast response speed with no delay. moreover,Charging is possible just by setting it on the charging dock.is. Also,USB connectionYou can choose to use it wired or wirelessly.Cable length is 1.8mis. The dongle can be stored on the back of the "Razer Basilisk Ultimate" body. It's easy to put in and take out as all you have to do is remove the cover. It also has the advantage of greatly reducing the risk of losing the dongle when carrying it around.

ゲーミングマウス Razer Basilisk Ultimate
Source: Rakuten Market

Equipped with 11 buttons in total including side buttons

“Razer Basilisk Ultimate” includes:11 programmable buttons in totalis installed. There are a relatively large number of buttons, so I think it's easy to configure the controls for each game to your liking. Button assignments can be customized using software called "Razer Synapse 3".

Equipped with "RAZER OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCH" with quick response

"Razer Basilisk Ultimate" is equipped with "Razer Optical Mouse Switch". Equipped with this switch, you can press the buttonResponse time from click is 0.2msIt becomes. This allows for faster and more accurate clicks than traditional mechanical switches.

Scroll wheel can also be customized

“Razer Basilisk Ultimate” isAdjust scroll wheel resistance to your preferencecan. This allows you to set the scrolling feel to its optimum state. on the back of the main unitResistance adjustment dialIf you turn it downward, the resistance will increase, and if you turn it upward, you can decrease the resistance. If the default setting does not turn as expected, turn this dial to adjust it.

ゲーミングマウス Razer Basilisk Ultimate
Source: Rakuten Market

Maximum DPI is 20000

"Razer Basilisk Ultimate"Maximum DPI is 20,000is. This allows extremely fast and precise cursor manipulation. I don't think it's quite possible to set it to 20,000 DPI, but you can change it freely within the range of 20,000 or less, so you can easily set the sensitivity to suit you.Saves 5 DPIsYou can instantly switch between them with the touch of a button.Default is 800,1800,4000,9000,20000is set, so if you feel that this DPI does not suit you, we recommend changing it.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate battery life

The battery life of “Razer Basilisk Ultimate” isup to 100 hoursIt becomes. This way, you don't have to worry about running out of charge even if you use it all day. Also,If you use the charging dock, you can easily charge it by just placing it.is possible.Full charge takes approximately 4 hoursIt becomes. When the battery is low, the light on the wheel will flash red to let you know. By default, it will flash when the battery is less than 25%, but you can change the remaining battery level with "Razer Synapse 3".

ゲーミングマウス Razer Basilisk Ultimate
Source: Rakuten Market

Compatible with "RAZER MOUSE DOCK CHROMA" and can be charged just by placing it

"Razer Basilisk Ultimate" is compatible with "Razer Mouse Dock Chroma". This results inCharge by simply placing your mouse on the dockI can. Furthermore, the dock is equipped with Razer's RGB lighting technology "Chroma", which allows you to choose from 168,000 colors.

You can also check the remaining battery level with the charging dog.

Even when charging using the charging dog, you can check the remaining battery level with lighting. The color of the charging dog's lighting changes depending on the remaining battery level.

  • Remaining amount 25%: Red
  • Remaining capacity 26-50%: Yellow
  • Remaining capacity 51-75%: Orange
  • Remaining capacity 76-100%: Green

The color changes, so you can check how much charge it has by simply placing it on the dog.

The official price is 21,988 yen, so it's expensive.

The official price of "Razer Basilisk Ultimate" is21,988 yen with charging dockIt becomes,Mouse body only: 18,888 yenIt has become. The price seems high for a gaming mouse, but a mouse that supports a charging dock is valuable, so I think it's worth purchasing.

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