Review of MARO17 shampoo for men! It doesn't leave any oil or wax on your scalp or hair, but it might be a little squeaky...

MARO17 パーフェクトウォッシュ Product review
Source: Rakuten Market
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In this article, I will introduce the men's shampoo that I have been using for several months."MARO17"Introducing. There are several types of MARO17, but the one I use is"Collagen-containing shampoo perfect wash"Therefore, I am mainly introducing them.

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Features of Perfect Wash

MARO17 パーフェクトウォッシュ
Source: Rakuten Market

Foams well and washes well

Try actually using it,Foams very wellI thought. Some of the shampoos I've used in the past, when I used them when my hair was in worse condition than usual due to sweat or oil, didn't lather well and I had to wash it twice, but this shampoo works well for my hair. It lathers well even when things are bad.I think there are individual differences, but when using it, one push is enough.I think.

Cleaning power that leaves no stains behind

I mentioned earlier that it lathers well, butDense foam thoroughly washes away sweat, oil, and styling wax from the scalp and hair.. The best shampoo I've ever usedStrong cleaning powerI feel like that.

The cleaning power is so strong that until I got used to it, my hair felt too slippery and squishy while I was washing it or drying it with a hair dryer, but now I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me anymore.

I think it's good for people who have oily scalps or who sweat easily due to work.

If you feel like your skin is squeamish, use a conditioner as well.

If your hair feels squeaky after washing with Perfect Wash,Conditioner with a distinctive white bottleLet's use them together.

Ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid moisturize hair that has lost its oil due to strong cleaning power. theMoisturizing can reduce blemishesTherefore, we recommend using them together. Since it is a scalp conditioner, it promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which also leads to hair growth.

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MARO17 コンディショナー
Source: Rakuten Market

About volume up

It contains a hair-raising volume ingredient (styling ingredient) that makes your hair stand up from the roots, and after washing, it feels a little more fluffy than regular shampoo. just,It's not like you can really feel it, so it's best not to have high expectations.maybe.

About hair loss prevention

This shampoo hasContains an ingredient called Capixyland this ingredient isExpected to prevent hair loss and promote hair growthcan. I think there are many men who have hair-related problems, so I recommend this product to anyone who has such problems.

Reviews on the internet

on the internetHigh rating for foaminghas been done. however,Due to its strong cleaning power, hair tends to become creaky.This opinion was also found.Recommended for those looking for a shampoo that lathers wellAlthough it can be done, it is not recommended for those who want smooth hair. I'd like to try other shampoos, but some people seem to like this shampoo better.

The price is high at about 2,200 yen

the price isOver 2,000 yenThere,Expensive compared to regular shampooI think. If you are willing to spend 2,000 yen on this shampoo and want to try out its cleaning power, why not buy it?Conditioner costs the same as shampoo.So,If you buy them together, it will cost about 4,000 yen.It will take a while. Refills are 600ml and cost approximately 3,000 yen.One bottle is 350mlTherefore, it contains approximately the amount of 2 bottles. There is also a 300ml type, which costs around 1,500 yen.

I'll post the purchase link, so if you're interested, please take a look.

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There is also a perfect wash cool that gives you a refreshing feeling.

Many shampoos for men have a refreshing feel, but MARO17 also hasperfect wash coolThat's calledSomething that feels refreshingthere is. If you like the sensation of smoothing, we recommend buying the Cool version.If it gets into your eyes, it can be even more irritating, so be careful when using it.Please do so.

MARO17 パーフェクトウォッシュクール
Source: Rakuten Market

Perfect Wash Cool online reviews

The stimulation is not that strong,If you leave it whisking for a while, it will become smooth.It seems like. The smell is sweet and slightly fragrant, but it doesn't seem to linger after washing off. Same as regular perfect washStrong cleaning powerTherefore, some people may feel that their hair is squeaky. If you want to feel more refreshed after washing your hair, I think this Perfect Wash Cool will suit you.

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Bonus: Introducing other shampoos from MARO17

Mild wash that is gentle on the scalp

Mild wash isCleaning power is weaker than Perfect WashIt is characterized by The cleaning power is weak, but even though it washes thoroughlyMoisturize with moisturizing ingredientswill give you.Click here if you don't like your hair to be crispyI think you should try it.

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MARO17 マイルドウォッシュ
Source: Rakuten Market

Black Plus Shampoo gives hair strength and body

Black Plus Shampoo has a slightly older target audience, and contains B Plus Peptide and Apple Stem Cells.Adds firmness and body to aging hairwill give you.High cleaning powerTherefore, it thoroughly removes oil and dirt while promoting hair growth.

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MARO17 ブラックプラスシャンプー
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