Things to keep in mind when you can't win in COD:MW3 ranked!

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Even if you try your best to rank in COD:MW3, there are times when you just can't win. This article summarizes what you should keep in mind at times like that. I think I'm an intermediate player, but I'd like to introduce what I keep in mind when ranking.

We have also summarized things you should be aware of for each rule, such as hard points, so please refer to that as well.


Things to keep in mind for all rules

First, I will explain what you should be aware of under all rules. If you keep this in mind, you may be able to increase your win rate under all rules.

Coordinate your timing with your allies

In ranked play, each team is made up of four players, and cooperation with allies is important. If you are at a disadvantage at a hard point, you can coordinate your timing with your allies to attack the base at the same time, or if you are at a base and in an advantageous position, you can look in a direction that your allies are not looking at.

Be aware of your strong positions

In COD, each map has an advantageous position for a gunfight, called a strong position. Specifically, it is a place where you can hide your body behind obstacles such as walls. From the enemy's point of view, they can only see your head, making it difficult to hit you, so your chances of being hit are reduced, making it easier to win a gunfight.

If you are in a situation where you need to wait for the enemy to come, it is best to stand in a strong position and wait, but if you are in a situation where you need to attack, you should proceed while checking that there are no enemies in strong positions.

Be mindful of the rules

This may seem like a given, but while we wouldn't go so far as to say they completely ignore the rules, we do see quite a few people who have a poor awareness of the rules.

In hardpoint and control, I often encounter situations where I take a strong position and kill the enemy, but no one enters the base even though I can enter it. I think that the win rate will decrease if you do not enter the base actively in hardpoint and control. Of course, it is also important to shoot enemies that come close around the base, so it is best to move according to the situation.

In search and destroy, I think it's important to be aware of the rules, such as going to pick up a bomb straight away if your ally drops it when you're on the offensive.

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Things to keep in mind for each rule

From here on, we will explain what you should keep in mind about the rules for each of Hardpoint, Control, and Search & Destroy.

Things to keep in mind when playing Hardpoint

I think the things you should keep in mind at Hardpoint are to get into the base, not to worry too much about K/D, and to get an advantageous position.

Obviously, in Hardpoint you can't get points unless you enter the base, so try to enter the base as much as possible. There are various situations, such as entering the base if your allies are guarding it, or entering the base instead if your allies who were in the base are killed, but the first team to reach 250 points wins, so there's no doubt that it's better to go for the points.

K/D is an indicator of a player's skill and contribution to a match, but don't worry too much about it in Hardpoint. If you're in the base, your deaths are likely to increase. I think your chances of winning will be higher if you earn points when you can. Even if you have more deaths than kills, if you spend more time in the base, you've contributed that much.

Furthermore, if you want to increase your chances of winning, it is important to take advantage of the respawn points. The location of the base moves every 60 seconds on the hardpoint, but if you take a respawn point close to each base, you will be able to return to the front line faster after respawning, and the enemy will be slower to return to the front line. You have to remember where you should stand on each map to get an advantageous position, but you need to be very conscious of this in order to increase your chances of winning.

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Things to keep in mind when controlling

In Control, you should be conscious of entering the base, actively trying to reduce your opponent's life points, and minimizing deaths as much as possible.

When you are on the offensive, if no one is in the base, the remaining time will decrease and you will lose the round if the time runs out. If you have a chance to enter the base, enter it as soon as possible. In Control, the more people in the base, the faster the gauge will progress, so it is important to enter the base with multiple people. Even when you are on the defensive side, if you have the time, you should return the gauge that has been advanced to make it harder for the base to be taken.

In Control, you only have 30 life per round, so you can choose to win by actively whittling down your opponent's life. Also, as your opponent's life decreases, they will become more likely to become impatient, so there is an advantage to that in that respect as well. However, if your team's life is reduced too much, your team will be at a disadvantage, so if you miss the first shot in a shootout, try to stop shooting and reduce your deaths.

Things to keep in mind when using Search & Destroy

In search and destroy, you can't respawn, so you can't make mistakes in shooting, and it's difficult to maneuver. In such a search, be aware of not shooting at strong positions, not doing the same thing too much, and setting bombs aggressively.

If you try to shoot at a strong position and lose, you will be at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, so if you can see that there is an enemy in a strong position, try not to shoot at them. Wait for your allies to get behind the enemy or throw a grenade to increase your chances of winning even a little. However, if there is little time left, you have no choice but to shoot at them at all costs.

Also, if the enemy is trying to take a strong position, you will probably go for a strong position as well, but if you wait in the same position or take the same route every time, it will be easier for the enemy to predict your moves, so try not to take the same approach over and over again.

In addition, if you are on the offensive side, try to place a bomb if you can. I have seen people who don't place a bomb even though it is clearly possible to do so. Placing a bomb gives you an advantage because it imposes a 40-second time limit on the opponent. When your allies around you are not shooting at each other, there is a high chance that there are no enemies around, so try to place a bomb at such times.

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This is just my personal opinion, but this concludes my explanation of the points to keep in mind when you can't win in COD:MW3 rankings. Try to keep this in mind so that you can increase your win rate even a little.

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