The hair growth treatment "Riaup Jet" containing minoxidil 1% is relatively inexpensive and easy to use, so I recommend it!

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In this article, I'm writing my impressions and review of RiUP's hair growth treatment "RiUP Jet". I'm an adult man who lives a life of anxiety, as I'm worried that I might develop thinning hair in the future due to genetic inheritance from my parents and grandfather. I'd like to introduce my impressions of using RiUP Jet and some points to be careful about.

Please note that as I have only just started using it, this article does not cover the effects on hair growth or hair care.


What is RiUP Jet?

Riup Jet is a hair growth agent that contains ingredients that are expected to promote hair growth. There are several types of Riup hair growth agents. Among them, Riup Jet is a relatively low-priced one. The regular price of Riup is about 6,000 yen, but the price of Riup Jet is not much.4000 yenIt is kept to a certain extent.

Many people know about Riup from commercials, but I had never heard of a product called Riup Jet, and when I came across it while looking for a hair growth product, I decided to buy it. Riup Jet is basically lightly scented, but there is also Riup EX Jet, which has a fresh pear scent.


It is classified as a Category 1 drug.

RiUP Jet isCategory 1 OTC drugTherefore, it is treated as a medicine.Purchase requires confirmation from a pharmacistSo when I purchased it on Amazon, I had to answer a few questions before I could make the purchase.

Since this is a drug, it is important to use it appropriately and follow the dosage instructions.

In addition, hair growth products that do not promote hair growth are not considered medicines, and are generally considered quasi-drugs. RiUP's HOGSPA hair growth product is also classified as a quasi-drug.

Comparison with other RiUP products

RiUP hair growth and hair restoration products are,RiUP X5 Charge",RiUP Jet",RiUP",Fresh Reup HOGSPA" There are four types. Only "HOGSPA" is a hair growth agent, and the other three contain hair growth ingredients.RiUP X5 Plus Neo"or"RiUP X5"It seems there is also this.

RiUP and RiUP Jet contain 1% of the hair growth ingredient minoxidil, and are said to be effective after about six months of use. In contrast, RiUP X5 contains 5% of minoxidil. RiUP X5 Charge is said to be effective after about four months of use, so if you want to see results as quickly as possible, RiUP X5 Charge is the better choice.

RiUP Jet is a little less effective, but if you want to prevent hair loss or want to keep costs down, I think RiUP Jet is the best choice. If you don't need hair growth ingredients, choose HOGSPA.

How to use

RiUP Jet hasLocking mechanismYou need to unlock it to use it. This seems like a strange way to use it, but it's not that difficult, so it wasn't a problem even for beginners.

Specifically, remove the cap from the main unit and turn the spray part inside to the left to unlock it. There is a window where you can check the lock status, and when it is orange it is locked.

Once you release the lock, place the spray part on your scalp and press it a little harder. The hair growth agent will come out. It won't come out the moment you press it, so release it when you feel the liquid coming out onto your scalp.Repeat this 15 times and it will automatically lock.So it will end at that point.

2 times a dayIt requires use of a lot of water, so I recommend doing it after a bath and in the morning.

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リアップジェット 噴射部 ロック

Impressions after actually using it

It's very easy to use, and you don't have to count how many you use, so it's great for preventing overdosing.

It doesn't feel sticky after use, and it just makes your hair a little wet.So it's easy to use whether it's morning or night. I bought the scented version, but it doesn't have much of a smell.

The liquid drips immediately after use and doesn't get on your face, so I think it's very easy to use. However, if you use too much at once, it may drip, so please use this as a reference from personal experience.

Precautions for Use

As stated in the instructions, if you experience any abnormalities on your scalp, discontinue use.6 monthsThere are precautions to take when using this product, such as the fact that you can expect results with continuous use. Don't stop using it just because you don't see results right away.Use for at least 6 monthsPlease be so.

When used twice a day,Approximately one bottle per monthIt seems that you will use up the entire bottle, so if you feel like the contents are running low, be sure to purchase a new one before you run out.


I've only been using RiUP Jet for a few days now, but I really like it. It's relatively inexpensive among reliable hair growth and hair restoration products (excluding hair growth tonics), so I recommend it to anyone who's not sure which one to buy!

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