We recommend Orbis men's facial cleanser because it thoroughly removes sebum and leaves your skin feeling smooth!

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There are so many face washes for men out there that it can be hard to know which one to buy. For those of you who feel this way, we recommend trying Orbis' Mister Series.

In this article, I will summarize the features of the Orbis Mister series, my impressions after using it, and my review. If you are having trouble deciding which facial cleanser to buy, please read to the end.


Orbis is known for its skincare and cosmetics.

I didn't know this until I looked it up online and came across Orbis facial cleanser, but apparently Orbis is a famous brand for skincare and cosmetics.

Looking at the Orbis online shop, you can see that they carry a wide variety of products, from facial cleansers and shampoos to cosmetics and underwear. Most of the products are aimed at women, but they also sell skin care products and shampoos for men. They also receive high ratings on the online shop, proving that they are popular.

オルビス ミスター スキンケア

List of Orbis' Mister series

Orbis's men's products are called the Mister Series. For those who are not familiar with the Mister Series, we will briefly introduce the products in the series.

Product nameType and purpose of usepriceonline shop
ORBIS Mr. Foaming WashFacial wash1,650 yen4.74/5.0
Orbis Mr. Essence LotionMoisturizing lotion
2,420 yen4.67/5.0
Orbis Mr. Moisturizing CreamMoisturizing cream2,420 yen4.61/5.0
Orbis Mr. Cleansercleanser1,980 yen4.19/5.0
Orbis Mr. Shampooshampoo1,650 yen4.36/5.0
Orbis Mr. Conditionerconditioner1,650 yenSame as above
Orbis Mr. Lip Care StickLip balm1,320 yen4.27/5.0
Orbis Mr. Base Color ControllerBase Color2,200 yen4.33/5.0
Orbis Mr. Base Color Controller HBase Color2,200 yen4.6/5.0
ORBIS Mister Oil Control StickPrevents shine2,640 yen3.33/5.0
Orbis Mr. Nail Care Protectornail1,320 yen4.1/5.0
ORBIS Mr. Spot Shoot ConcealerConcealer2,200 yen3.67/5.0
ORBIS Mister Multi Complexion StickLip Color
Eye Color
1,870 yen4.09/5.0
Orbis Mr. Beard & Eyebrow Pencileyebrow2,200 yen3.67/5.0
ORBIS Mister Series Product List

The products of Orbis Mister are summarized in the table above. They have skin care products, shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetics. Looking at the number of reviews on the online shop, it seems that facial cleansers are popular. Most of the products have received a rating of 4 or more out of 5.

The cleanser leaves your skin feeling refreshed without drying it out.

These are my impressions after actually using the Orbis facial cleanser.It removes sebum and leaves your skin feeling refreshed without causing dryness or flaking.I think it has just the right amount of cleaning power.

I use a foaming net when I'm foaming, and it creates a nice foam so I don't think it's a problem. Using a foaming net makes it easier to create a thicker foam in less time than by hand, so I would recommend that people who have never used one before try using a foaming net.

Essence Lotion contains many ingredients

Essence lotion is used after cleanser.Toner,Moisturizing lotion,Milky lotion,SerumCan be used asAll-in-one lotionIt is recommended for those who want to reduce the number of steps as much as possible and do skin care in a short time. It has a slightly viscous water-like texture, and it spreads well and is easy to apply to the face, which is a good thing.

To use it, pour out a small amount onto your palm, about the size of a 100 yen coin, spread it lightly on both hands, and apply it to your face. The bottle is designed to dispense the contents when pressed, soOne or two pushes are enoughI think so. If you apply too much lotion, your face will get soaked, so be careful.

I have no complaints about the feel of it, but the bottle is quite large, so I do worry that it can get in the way when I have to carry it with me when I go out overnight.

Be careful not to apply too much cream as it will make your skin sticky.

Moisturizing cream is a cream that prevents the moisture in the essence lotion from escaping from the skin. It is expected to have effects such as preventing shine and acne.

I think this cream is more difficult to apply than the essence lotion. The recommended amount to use is about one pearl-sized amount per application, and just like the essence lotion, you spread it on the palm of your hand and then apply it to your face. When applying to your face, apply it to your forehead and nose area with your fingers, and to your cheeks with the palm of your hand, and you should be able to apply one pearl-sized amount. Instead of applying in the order of forehead → nose → cheeks,It's easier to apply it all over if you apply it lightly in various places and then stretch it out.

This is just my personal opinion,If you apply too much, your face will feel sticky.So I'm careful not to apply too much.

We also recommend the trial set for trying out the product or for staying overnight.

A compact set containing three skin care products: a facial cleanser, an essence lotion, and a cream.Trial Setis also available for purchase. It contains about a week's worth of product, so if you want to try it out, why not purchase this set?

I actually bought the trial set, and I was able to use it for almost two weeks by using it only at night. If you use it morning and night, I think it will be gone in a week. The package is very compact,Ideal for carrying on short business trips or travelsI think.

オルビス ミスター スキンケア トライアルセット


Orbis is basically a brand for women, but they also have many products for men, and the reviews are relatively high, so it's worth trying. Their skin care products seem to be very popular, so I recommend trying out a trial set. Some women also buy them as gifts for men. The prices aren't too high, so they make a great gift.

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