Summary of ASUS's controller "ROG Raikiri Pro" release date, price, performance, etc.!

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The latest model of the controller called “ROG Raikiri” released by ASUS “ROG Raikiri Pro"butOctober 27, 2023It will be released on! This article summarizes the price, performance, and other features of "ROG Raikiri Pro." A high-performance controller that can be used both wired and wireless!

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The size is slightly smaller than DualSense

The size of "ROG Raikiri Pro" is155(W)mm×64(H)mm×103(L)mmIt becomes. Controller for PS5The size of DualSense is160(W)mm×66(H)mm×106(L)mmTherefore, "ROG Raikiri Pro" is a little smaller than DualSense. For those who feel DualSense is a little big, it may be the perfect size.

ROG Raikiri Pro
Source: Rakuten Market

Type where the left and right sticks are shifted up and down

There are types of controllers where the sticks are neatly lined up left and right, and types where the sticks are offset up and down, but "ROG Raikiri Pro"Type that is shifted up and downIt will be. Please be careful if you like controllers with neatly arranged sticks.

The trigger button has two patterns of working distance.

The trigger button can change the actuation distance. There are 2 patterns available,You will be able to push it all the way in.Full trigger modeand,Pushing becomes shallowershort trigger modethere is. Simply flip the switch on the back to change the working distance. You can quickly switch according to the game, so it's safe even for those who play a variety of games. You can also change the dead zone using a software called Armory Crate.

Equipped with 4 buttons on the back

The back button is4 in totalIt is installed. It seems to be designed to be pressed with the middle and ring fingers. The back button is located on the back of the center of the main unit, not on the back of the grip.If you have small hands, it may be difficult to pressthere is. The shape of the back button isAngular and unusual shapedoing. Please note that the buttons on the back are not paddle-shaped or round buttons.

ROG Raikiri Pro
Source: Rakuten Market

Also equipped with 3.5mm earphone jack

It also has a 3.5mm earphone jack, so instead of connecting the headset directly to your PC,You can use the headset by connecting it to a controller.It will look like this. microphone'sAlso includes a mute buttonwhen you leave your seat to go to the toilet or when you feel like sneezing.You can mute instantly. however,Can only be used when connected by wiredfunction, so if you want to connect wirelessly, the headset must be connected directly to the PC.

You can change settings such as button remapping with the dedicated app "Armoury Crate"

By using a special app called Armory Crate,Button remappingorTrigger deadzone adjustment,Change stick response curveetc. For those who want to customize their controller to their own tastes, this is an essential feature. Please note that a wired connection is required to configure settings using this app, which is a bit disappointing.

You can choose the connection method according to your preference.

“ROG Raikiri Pro” isCompatible with both wired and wireless connectionsdoing. It can be connected via wired connection using a USB-C cable, 2.4GHz wireless, or Bluetooth, so you can choose according to your preference. however,You can select the connection method only when connecting to a,Wired connection only when using with XboxTherefore, you need to be careful about that point.When using it on a PC or using a wireless connection, audio functions etc. are limited.Therefore, in order to use all the functions, you must connect via wire.

The release date is October 27, 2023, and the price is around 20,000 yen.

The release date isOctober 27, 2023It has become.The price is about 20,000 yenSo, among controllers with buttons on the back, it's about average or a little expensive. Compared to high-end controllers such as SCUF, it is cheaper or more expensive. We have confirmed that it is available on Amazon, and you can pre-order it even before the release date.

I'll also include a link to the product page, so if you're interested, please check it out.

Amazon product pageherePurchasing on Rakuten Markethere

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